Our home and headquarters for Light & Dark Diving.  From vibrant marine life to intriguing dive sites, this country offers an unexpected diving experience. The Netherlands is dotted with dive sites that promise unique encounters. The Grevelingenmeer, a saline lake, offers a haven for macro enthusiasts, with critters like nudibranchs and seahorses gracing its underwater flora. For the daring, the North Sea's wrecks, like the HMS Scylla, offer glimpses into history alongside bustling marine life.


Home to our business partners South West Technical and Nauti Divers, Irish diving encompasses a huge range of options from some of the best wreck diving on the planet in Malin Head through to scenic dives with the chance of seals, dolphins, basking sharks and more. We work closely with a number of superb operators and recreational centres across Ireland as well as being our own dive centre being based in Ireland’s gourmet capital, Kinsale. We have some iconic local wrecks, from the U260 a fully intact type VII U boat, to the Lusitania just a few miles offshore.  Trips and options available........

Malta, Gozo

Working closely with Bliss Dive, Gozo Technical Diving, DiveWise/TecWise the islands of Gozo and Malta are nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, the islands of Gozo and Malta offer a scuba diving paradise that's both enchanting and diverse. Beneath the glistening Mediterranean sun, these islands boast a treasure trove of underwater delights, drawing divers from around the world to explore their crystal-clear waters and captivating marine life. The depths of Gozo and Malta are steeped in history. Explore sunken WWII wrecks like the MV Xlendi, offering an intriguing blend of marine life and historical artifacts. These wrecks tell tales of the islands' maritime past, adding a layer of allure to every dive. We run training and trips frequently.....



 The Lot, France – a region affectionately known as "Cave Country." Beneath the picturesque landscapes lies an intricate network of underground wonders that have earned this area its nickname. The depths of history, culture, and underwater exploration make the Lot a truly unique diving location. As you venture below the surface, you'll find yourself in a realm of awe-inspiring underwater caves, where crystal-clear waters reflect centuries of geological evolution. A perfect location for cave and overhead training with courses and trips running throughout the year......



Through and alongside out partner South West Technical we also run trips and use training locations to places such as:

Truk Lagoon, Micronesia
many more ......

Keep an eye out of the trip diary for dates coming soon.