Meet the Knowledge, Experience and Passion Behind Light and Dark Diving 

Mike Reynolds

SDI TDI FRTI Instructor / Instructor and CD Trainer

+31 6 18876448

Mike is a diver for over 15 years and is one of the owners at Light & Dark Diving, and one that brings a wealth of experience and expertise. An instructor for SDI, TDI, and First Response along with being an instructor trainer and course director trainer. Mike also holds certifications with IANTD and PADI. Diving isn't just a profession for Mike, it's a way of life.

He loves everything about recreational sport diving, technical diving into depths and darkness and a passion for caves, mine and wrecks.
He focuses on developing new divers as much as creating experienced techies, professionals and pro development teams.

Karla Reynolds

SDI TDI FRTI Instructor

+31 6 14405657

Karla, another of the Light and Dark Diving owners is an instructor for SDI, TDI, and First Response along with holding certifications with GUE, IANTD and PADI. Karla possesses an natural ability to connect with divers of all ages and skill levels.
As well as a high level of technical training throught to CCR, cave/mine karlas loves to develop the younger next generation of divers from 10 years old. That being said Karla is currently the only female technical instructor for TDI in the Netherlands but one that has experience all over the world.

Her dedication to pushing the boundaries of exploration knows no bounds, and she's always at the forefront of embracing new challenges that the deep blue presents.

Matt Jevon

TDI Instructor

+353 214714992

Matt Jevon, M.Sc. F.IoD is a Full Expedition level Trimix and Cave instructor on OC and CCR with TDI and ANDI. He is the JJ-CCR and Divesoft Liberty Sidemount instructor and dealer for Ireland. Matt’s personal diving has included cave exploration in the Philippines, wreck projects in Croatia and Ireland as well as being one of the inaugural dirty dozen in Truk!. Matt has held accreditations as an interdisciplinary sports scientist and sports psychologist with BASES and was a British Olympic Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach and invitee on the Olympic Psychology Advisory Group. Matt works in high performance business as a board advisor and non-exec, high performance sport and is a partner in South West Technical Diving in Ireland. and writes the Facebook page Psychological Skills for Diving

Graham Thurlbeck

SDI TDI FRTI Instructor

+356 7736 8155

Graham Thurlbeck (but most people know me as “Groover”) owner and instructor/guide at Bliss Diving in Gozo, Malta. 16 years+ experience and 6000+ dives on Gozo. Expert knowledge of the best dives to do each day, working with the local weather conditions. My passion is introducing people to the marine life here and showing people the hard to find key points of interest at the dive sites of Gozo. I have a great track record of helping people that are nervous and believe that everyone can dive and learn something new. I believe in a relaxed, fun approach for introducing people to gentle try dives all the way up to thrilling and adrenalin fulled advanced experiences.

Ben Moore

SDI TDI FRTI Instructor

Ben is an SDI TDI Instructor and very experienced diver with qualifications at SDI/TDI, GUE and First Response. He has a strong focus on technical and team work skills and loves to spend his time in mines, caves or using scooters on long, sometimes deep dives.
Like Karla, Ben also likes to develop new and existing divers to lift their knowledge and skills to a far higher level.

Sabrina Spijkerman

SDI Divemaster

Sabrina orginally joined us as an Open water diver and has developed over the last 7 years years. During this time she has become an experienced and knowledgable SDI Divemaster working towards instructor levels. Along side this she has been following her dream of diving in overhead environments, including wrecks/caves and mines.
To do this she has completed many technical trainings building her knowledge and understanding not only for herself but other students she will assist.

Marcel Naalden

SDI Divemaster

Marcel has an amazing background in assisting/training young people in motorracing. He joined us 8 years ago and hasnt stopped developing since, with a huge appitite for knowledge and looking for perfection in his skills. As a SDI and TDI Divemaster Marcel comfortably assists on all levels of courses while continuing his drive to focus on technical diving.