We fully support local diving here in the Netherlands and recognise there are some awesome places to dive around the world. Some are easy and convenient for training or building experience, others are the pinnacle of diving and top of every divers bucket list.

We have built some fantastic relationships, based on us actually going and diving these places, with some superb people and operations. As such we can ensure your experience is unmatched in terms of ease, confidence and satisfaction.

For these destinations and trips, we aim to simplify and take care of everything for you, with the exception of the flights, so you can just enjoy the diving and location.

We have a number of trips each year which we schedule on our calendar here. However we also do custom arrangements, either for training courses, coaching or experience building. In addition we have access to join some trips with south west technical, for example Truk Lagoon that is scheduled a year or two in advance. Best option is always to get in touch.

We are also delighted to make arrangements for you to travel to our partners on your own, or with your club / group.


All of our partners have well maintained, fit for purpose gear. We will book your rental needs for you and make sure it is all there on arrival.

If you want to just join and dive on any trip we run, there is no charge to do so, other than the actual trip costs. If you want training or coaching normal rates and T&C’s apply.

See if we have a trip type to suit you!